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Zibo Vocational Institute is located in Zibo, the birthplace of the ancient Qi Culture, one of China’s most developed industry cities and noted as the National Garden City and National Civilized City. The unique historic relics and modern economy structure have endowed Zibo Vocational Institute with its characteristics of specializing in industry, business, medicine and arts.

In the past decades, the Institute has won many national honors and well-recognized reputation for its achievements. In 2006, the Institute got Excellent Grade in theNational Teaching Evaluationheld by Chinese Ministry of Education; in 2007, chosen as one of theNational 100 Model Vocational Colleges Projectand passed the assessment with Excellent Grade in 2010; in 2012, the Institute passed the second roundNational Teaching Evaluationheld by Chinese Ministry of Education.

In recent years, Zibo Vocational Institute has been selected as “Demonstration Unit of Economical Public Institution”, jointly announced by 3 National Ministries and commissions. It has been regarded as one of the most influential vocational colleges in China (Ranked 7th). In 2016 and 2017, the Institute was listed among theTop 50 National Contributive Vocational Colleges.In 2017, Shandong Province launched theQuality Vocational College Construction Programand Zibo Vocational Institute was approved and ranked the second in the list.

Aiming high, rapid development

Zibo Vocational Institute, one of the 100 National Demonstration Vocational Institutes, was set up in July, 2002 and is a full-time public higher vocational institute approved by Chinese Ministry of Education.

Zibo Vocational Institute occupies an area of more than 133 hectares with a floor space of 660,000 square meters and the professional training laboratories have a total floor space of 138,000 square meters. The Institute has a staff of 1352, among whom there are 47 professors, 293 associate professors, 47 teachers with PhD Degrees and 709 teachers with Master Degrees. The number of the full-time teachers is 711, 90% of which are “double professionally titled teachers”.

The total capital assets are now¥1.74 billion with the teaching facilities taking up¥164 million and the library has a collection of 1.86 million books. The Institute is made up of 19 colleges and department offering 72 specialties, and the number of the full-time students is now over 26,000. The Institute has established long-term cooperation relationships with 580 companies and 630 internship bases.

Zibo Vocational Institute has an excellent faculty and among them there are 2 National Distinguished Teachers, 1 professor with the State Council Expert Allowance, 2 National Top Academic Teams. A large number of academic publications and projects have been accomplished in recent years, such as 4 National Vocational Education Bases, 8 National Key Specialties, 9 National Top Courses and 3 National Education Awards.

The institute provides professional and intellectual support for the local economic development by setting up 72 specialties cover fields of industry, commerce, medicine, arts, foreign languages and social services.¥40 million have been invested to build the Intelligent Campus Network and 51 Virtual Labs. Every year more than 100,000 people from different walks of the society get professional training in the Institute.

With the development of “the Belt and Road”, Zibo Vocational Institute closely follows the trend and becomes more and more internationalized. The Institute has established friendly cooperation with 59 universities and colleges from 13 countries including USA, France, Russia, Australia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cameroon and Mexico. In the past three years, more than 200 Chinese students have gone abroad for further education or internship and more than 300 foreign students have come to study here.

Reform is above all

The Key Aiming of Zibo Vocational Institute is to cultivate the students’ career competiveness and growth potentials. The Institute has always been enforcing the teaching reforms to improve the quality of faculty. All the teaching and administration focus on the students’ professional abilities and qualities in order to ensure their career development in the future. With the implement of Tutor System, Evaluation System and Testing System, teaching quality of the institute has been greatly improved.

In order to meet the talent demand created by local economic transformation and restructuring, the Institute proposed and established Zibo Vocational Education Group, aiming to strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises. In the win-win program, all the parties involved benefit from the cooperation. In the Institute, joint mini companies and workshops have been built, where the students can do more practical training without leaving school. And the local enterprises can easily enroll new employees by opening their branches in the campus.

With the quality professional and academic training, the students have won a great number of gold medals in the competitions of national and provincial levels. The employment rate of graduate is well above 98% and the satisfaction rate of graduate is above 95%. Many graduates are so popular that they even have been employed before their graduation.

Delicacy management

Meeting the social needs and serving the students are the principal of Zibo Vocational Institute, and with the rapid development of the society, Delicacy Management has been adopted in the Institute to fulfill its responsibility.

Under the Delicacy Management, a complete set of policies have been put into practice in the Institute. First, the Competitive Appointment System was first established in 2003 that offers every member of the staff a chance to apply for any administration or academic position through competition, thus terminated the life-long leadership in the old administration system. Second, the Three-tier Budget System enables the colleges and departments to have more rights and space to manage and decide. Third, the 24/7 Care System makes sure that all the students are under guidance of the teachers in the campus every minute. Fourth, the Campus Evaluation System has been well accepted by all in the Institute which motivates and directs the faculties to a high level of performance.

The Delicacy Management of Zibo Vocational Institute has been well recognized nationwide. Many leading media like Xinhua News, CCTV, People’s Daily have reported the relevant news about the reform and achievements of the Institute. What is more, Chinese Ministry of Education issued a special document to publicize the experience of Zibo Vocational Institute. LIU Yandong, vice premier of China, has twice given instructions to the Institute. Provincial and Ministry leaders, JIANG Daming, GU Xiulian and LU Xin have come to inspect and said high praise for the performance.

We believe in the Memo – Striving for success is the best experience in our life. All the teachers and students share the belief that hard work and unity is the key to success and only sustained development will ensure us a bright future.


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