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Agreement is signed between ZBVI and CNMIHR

The signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between ZBVI andCNMIHR (China Nonferrous Metal Industry Human Resource Center)was held in the conference room on the afternoon of May 15th. All the visitors and executives of ZBVI attended the ceremony, including Mr. Song Kai, the Vice General Manager of CNMIHR, Miss Zhao Lixia, the Director of Training Department of CNMIHR, Professor Lu Xiaoshan from Shandong University, Mr. Zhang Aimin, the Secretary of ZBVI CCP Committee, Miss Yang Baimei, the President of ZBVI, Mr. Jiang Yilin, the Vice Secretary of ZBVI CCP Committee, Miss Zeng Zhaoxiang, the Vice President of ZBVI and some other executives related.

Mr. Zhang Aimin,Secretory of ZBVI CPC Committee, expressed his warm welcome to the visitors and made a brief introduction to the development, specialty construction, curriculum design and staff training of the institute. Mr. Song Kai fromCNMIHRalso introduced the layout of the nonferrous metal industry, the “going-out” projects of the Vocational Education and the latest developments in the “Belt and Road” projects. The two parties made more further and detailed discussion about the Higher Level Vocational Education, overseas projects, international students training and “1+x” professional certificate system.

After the meeting, Mr. Song and Miss Yang Baimei, President of ZBVI,signed the strategic cooperation agreement betweenCNMIHRand ZBVI. The agreement covers all the important aspects and the two parties agree to cooperate in the fields of curriculum design, specialty construction, international cooperation, enterprise-school cooperation, student employment and project construction, aiming to make contribution to the “Belt and Road” projects and improve the overall management and performance of ZBVI.

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